MJSA Story

The MJSA Story

Who is MJSA?

MJSA Marketing is a small and mighty organization. The principals are Sarah and Wade Saunders who run the business in their house with 3 dogs and 2 cats. Our knowledge and relationships in the media, analytics, and SEO worlds are extensive and unique. We provide creativity, problem-solving skills, and success that many agencies lack.

Competitor Analysis

A full understanding of the competitive landscape is crucial and is a lot greater than just search visibility. Our proprietary templates and reporting methodologies have led to major market expansions.

We compile valuable data from leading website, programmatic advertising, and traditional media sources and boil things down into digestible and actionable opportunities.

Content Analysis

Content generation does not have to be stressful and full of risk. Understanding the impact of all content is important to leveraging it to achieve business objectives.

We assign values for each type of content and map where it fits in the conversion journey. This type of understanding helps allocate creative and analytic resources to areas that impact goals.

Continuous Analysis

We have enjoyed the digital marketing world for several decades and are still learning. The constant creation of new tactics, concepts, and revolutionary technology is so much fun to follow.

We are always trying to improve our procedures and systems for better results and efficiency. Adding machine learning to our methodologies is powerful and a passion. Let’s collaborate!

Advanced Analysis

Accurate data is the key to making great decisions. Through an effective data strategy we can track the impact of campaigns on all business objectives. And we can show you the best ways to act on the data.

The amount of available data is often staggering. Then we experience substantial drops in reporting data based on privacy settings? But, have no fear, Google’s modeling will replace the lost data!

Simplifying data to make better decisions is one of our favorite activities.

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