Multi-Location Local

Multi-Location Local

Local SEO appears to get more complicated every year. The reality is that the local landscape is consolidating and simpler than ever. Reviews, star ratings, citations, call tracking, schema markup, rich snippets, driving directions, and data accuracy contribute to the stress that local SEO causes many businesses.

Best Tool for the Job

An advantage to working on so many large local projects is that we’ve had extensive use of almost all of the main local software packages specializing in review management and citations. There is not a perfect solution but many good platforms that can save a ton of time and even your bacon.

How Much Local Content

How much local content is enough? Do we really need a landing page for every neighborhood in our target areas? Should we use FAQ format?

The above questions are legit. There’s always room for more quality local content especially if it is user generated. In most situations we do NOT need landing pages for neighborhoods. The use of FAQ format is very effective in answering questions and is recommended in many scenarios.

Local SEO Reports

One of the best aspects of local SEO is the massive amount of available data. Corporate executives can keep fingers on the local pulse through reviews and traffic trends.

The reports allow for discovery of locations performing better or worse than expectations. There is a lot of power in being able to predict fluctuations through trend analysis.

Reputation Monitoring and Response

Nothing in local SEO causes the peaks and valleys of emotions like reviews. Managing reviews and reputation is not difficult nor does it need to be time-consuming.

The right tools make all the difference. We help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Through accurate data we can help you find potential problems before their issues get worse. We have built successful review monitoring and response systems for large corporations for the last 20 years.

Local is a Team Sport

No part of SEO can be as frustrating as dealing with Google Maps and local systems. The only consistent aspect of Google’s local offering is that it will radically change every 5 years or so.

Other players are involved in the local game. Google looks to local databases and sites to confirm that the local information is accurate. Reviews are left on all kinds of sites and Google finds most of them. A solid game-plan and preparation can lead to massive local wins.

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